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In a week, it is 2021 and we are still processing 2020, the quick dynamics of events and the days of uncertainty that flew by; in a line – how Corona shook the world. People are with the thoughts of wiping off 2020 from their calendar and Corona is on with delivering its mutants like fulfilling – “new year – new me” resolution. With the changing stats of cases reported, the extending periods of lock down, the idea of “new normal”… we, as a society is coping up and maybe evolving based on these adversities; then again… What is ahead of us? What is world post corona? Coronavirus: A Pandemic or Plandemic: A World Post Coronavirus by Ravi Kant delivers leads you to that door through its pages.

The concept of Coronavirus: A Pandemic or Plandemic: A World Post Coronavirus as its name suggests, revolves around the topic of the current pandemic we are fighting against together – The Coronavirus. The book takes on how the virus is sowing its seeds of impact in our lives and the resulting chain of changes that is gradually establishing a different lifestyle, or it might not be too much to say – a version upgrade of our society. The book covers various aspects of the concept, divided into 5 parts. The sum up of the parts would be – World before, Economic Aspects, World Post, New order of the world and What Next. Each part have several chapters covering the grains of the concept such as Global Economy recovery post pandemic, The Rise of surveillance state, 5G: The New Frontier for Digital Supremacy to name a few to get an idea of the topics the book presents. The chronology and order of the subject is effectively established through this arrangement and compilation.

The book seems to be a product of decent amount of analysis and research; it is more of a creative report, which is a result of ardent study of the subject. The spectrum of ideas the book presents are more of the author’s take on the subject based on his study I believe and it is supported and justified accordingly, in the book. The writing style and presentation also plays a key role, they succeed in making the reading experience engaging and not dry. There is a bunch to ponder upon and read between the lines, if you are to give it your thoughts too, then I reckon that the reading experience would be more meaningful.

I had a very informational and thought provoking experience reading this book. It presented me a good perspective of the subject and I got to take-away a lot of interesting line of thoughts.  Overall, the efforts of the author is commendable and the book is very much worth your time if whatever you read so far above caught your interest.

I would like to rate this book a good 4.5/5.

Reviewed by: Sanjana Radhakrishnan

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