Different Weed Strains That You Need to Try in Your Lifetime

Marijuana exists in a variety of strains. Therefore, if you wonder about the strain you should try or look for, the answer will be determined by your location, preferences, and situation. Hundreds of strains exist in the market, and some are superior as compared to others. However, there are hybrid, indica, and sativa strains that you need to try out in your lifetime.

Sampling them will allow you to experience different types, flavors, and aromas. Apart from that, these strands offer varied effects. Say you want to relax and become calmer, then you will need to choose a strain that calms you rather than one which induces euphoria. Here are some of the best strains in the market currently. 

1.9 Pound Hammer

This is an indica strain derived from Jack the Ripper, Hell’s OG, and Gooberry strains. The buds are coated with resin, and it offers lime and sweet grape flavors. Because of the indica heritage of 9 Pound Hammer, its effects are both long-lasting and heavy.

You will easily pick out this dominant chunky strain that can be bred from feminized seeds, as it stands out when growing next to other plants. The flavors from its three parent strains intermix to create a sweet funky taste that will give you some deep relaxation. 


ACDC is a hybrid strain, and its parent strain is Cannatonic. The most remarkable characteristic of this Sativa-dominant phenotype is its THC to CBD ratio of 1:20. The ratio is an indication that when taken, ACDC will induce little to no psychoactive effects. Most people love this strain due to its light-footedness, which means you will get almost no mind-clouding. 

3.Acapulco Gold 

Acapulco Gold from i49 has a reputation for being one of the best strains in the market. It is a sativa strain and is derived from the Mexican strain. Having Acapulco Gold is like having dinner at an excellent restaurant, and it has coined this name because of its golden buds. When broken up, it gives the aromas of burnt toffee along with a happy, stimulating buzz. 


Afghani is an indica strain that is not traceable to any parent strain. Its name comes from its geographical origin in Afghanistan. It is believed to be the earliest variety of cannabis to be grown. It is treasured for its heavy resin production and excellent sedation properties.

5.Alaskan Thunder Fuck

ATF, also known as Matanuska Thunder Fuck, is a sativa strain whose parent strain is the North American Sativa.  It originates from the Matanuska Valley of Alaska, and it has large frosted buds with a powerful odor. Most weed users love it because of its outstanding aroma and the heady buzz that it gives.


This sativa strain is bred from Jack Herer, Skunk No 1, and Cinderella 99. Amnesia strains, however, vary depending on the breeders. It has various desirable properties, including euphoric and uplifting effects. If you want to get creative and be in a good mood, this is the strain for you.

Another advantage is that you will get a clear-headed high when you take Amnesia. Therefore, you can take it while on the go. 

7.Banana OG

Banana OG is a hybrid strain whose parent strains are Banana and OG Kush. It has a characteristic overripe banana smell and flavor, which is why it has its name. It also has high THC levels and is known as a creeper because its effects creep up on you slowly. Hence you could end up taking too much if you are not keen. The smoke that comes from Banana OG will put you in a jolly laughing mood.


Blueberry is an A-list indica cannabis strain, and its parent strains are Thai, Afghani, and Purple Thai. After getting the 2000 High Time’s Cannabis Cup for Best Indica, it remains a fan favorite. Blueberry can be traced back to the ‘70s when an American Breeder experimented with exotic landrace strains. The distinct blueberry flavor in different cannabis strains in the market arises from this legendary strain.

9.Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain made from both the Haze and Blueberry strains. It originated from California and has achieved legendary status among the other West Coast strains. By crossing Haze, a sativa strain with Blueberry an indica strain, you get Blue Dream which offers you a balance of the two.

Both new and veteran weed users enjoy the balanced, stimulating effects of Blue Dream that gently ease you into a calm euphoria. This strain is undoubtedly the most illustrious and common in the US.

10.Bubba Kush

This famous tranquilizing kush originates from and is grown in the US. Bubba Kush is an indica strain, and its parent is the OG Kush. It has gained notoriety because of its potent tranquilizing effects. It has sweet hashish flavors with hints of coffee and chocolate, which brings about intense relaxation.

The stocky stature and bulky bud of the plant may cause one to think that it is of Afghani descent, but the genetic origin is yet to be discovered. Bubba Kush was born out of an OG Kush hybrid being pollinated with an unknown indica strain. It is continuously being improved.


Chemdog has secured a permanent place in the hall of fame because of its ambiguous genetics, mysterious origin, and many successful crosses. It is a hybrid strain, and the parent strains are the Thai and Nepalese strains. It is also the source of powerhouse strains such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

If you want to get a very cerebral experience, this is the strain for you. Lastly, there are several phenotypes to choose from, and they are all potent, although they have a gasoline-y flavor.

There are hundreds of cannabis strains, and they cannot be exhausted in a list. However, these strains are some of the best in the market, offering the best effects. The next time you go to your weed dispensary, ask for any of these strains.

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