BJP’s Covid-19 vaccine promise not a poll violation

Kolkata: Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar submitted a report to the central government on the “deteriorating” law and order situation in Bengal

Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar, denouncing Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s remarks after an assault on BJP chief JP Nadda’s guard, approached her to pull out them and cautioned today: “Madam, please don’t play with fire”.

Mr Dhankhar toward the beginning of today presented a report to the central government on the “falling apart” peace circumstance in Bengal, after which the state’s police chief and Chief Secretary have been called on Monday. “Recently, the head of a national political party was glaringly assaulted. Also, state actors were included. Violators worked with the security and invulnerability of the organization and the police. This resembles a passing sound to vote based system. I have composed so in my input,” he told reporters.

Mr Nadda’s convoy was assaulted with blocks, stones and sticks close to Kolkata on Thursday evening. A few leaders were harmed and vehicles were harmed in the occurrence, which the BJP has accused on allies of the state’s decision Trinamool Congress. The episode occurred at Diamond Harbor, the parliamentary electorate of the Chief Minister’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee.

Video clips indicated rocks crushing through windscreens and windows as the vehicles proceeded onward a packed street in Diamond Harbor, around 60 km from Kolkata. The BJP said its leaders Kailash Vijayvargiya and Mukul Roy were harmed.

“The occasions that happened yesterday are generally deplorable,” said Mr Dhankhar.

He points by point how he had brought the police chief and Chief Secretary over the occurrence and asserted that they came with no report. “I requested that they set up an itemized report a lot to me. They came with no report, with no sources of info. It is dishonorable. They are civil servants. They have an ethical obligation. I was stunned, and I was disgraced. It was a very excruciating second for Constitutional obligation,” he said.

Mr Dhankhar additionally hit out at Mamata Banerjee over her remarks ridiculing Mr Nadda and addressing whether the assault was arranged for political gains in front of state surveys one year from now. “They (BJP) has no other work. Now and again Home Minister is here, different occasions it’s Chaddha, Nadda, Fadda, Bhaddha is here. At the point when they have no crowd, they call their laborers for doing nautanki,” Ms Banerjee had said.

“I take an intense note of the assertion made by the chief minister. In what manner can a dependable chief minister, trusting in guidelines of law, having confidence in the Constitution, and putting stock in rich Bengali culture, talk the manner in which she did. I appeal to her – madam, if it’s not too much trouble reflect, it would be ideal if you keep up some pride and elegance, and reclaim those words,” he said.

The Governor likewise alluded to Ms Banerjee accusing the episode for “outcasts raising hell”.

“Madam Chief Minister, India is one, Indians are one, kindly don’t play with or fan this sort of fire. You are sworn to tell the truth of the constitution if you don’t mind regarding it. Who is an untouchable, who is an insider, kindly don’t enjoy these sorts of articulations,” he said.

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