How Coding Can Improve Math Performance in Kids?

Coding and Mathematics have a very strong relationship. The concepts of Mathematics are used to develop good codes. If a student learns how to code, he automatically develops several skills required to master Mathematics. In this article, we will discuss how coding can help a child build a skill set that can help him to get better at Mathematics. Coding classes for kids greatly help to develop the skills we will proceed to list out.

Problem Solving Skills

There are several steps that go into building a code. The first is to understand what the problem is asking of you. The next step is to apply logic to the question and try to solve it. After that, a child needs to develop an algorithm that will act as a framework for writing the code. To create a good code, a programmer has to ensure that there are no redundancies in the code and he uses the most optimal solution for solving the problem. To solve any coding question, a student needs to develop a problem-solving mindset as described above. This skill can be directly translated to Mathematics. By analyzing a problem, applying logic to it, and coming up with the most optimal solution, a student can increase his speed and accuracy of solving Mathematical sums.


Coding encourages kids to solve problems using creative approaches. Thus, students can develop their skills for creatively solving problems that can be applied to Mathematics. As there are several ways to solve a problem in Mathematics, a student who thinks creatively can come up with the best solution in the shortest possible time. This also helps a kid remain interested in learning the subject as she has the flexibility to explore her creative talents.

Computational Thinking

While solving massive and complex problems, a coder needs to break them down into chunks. These need to be solved individually, and then each solution needs to be integrated to get the final result. This is called computational thinking. By applying this skill to Mathematics, it becomes easier for kids to simplify the problem, understand it and then solve it in parts. It ensures that a child makes lesser mistakes while attempting a question and improves his conceptual understanding.

Visualize Abstract Concepts

To understand abstract concepts, a student needs to have strong quantitative and qualitative thinking. For example, while coding, if you want to design and code a game that requires a dog to catch a ball, you will have to take into account several abstract concepts such as the movement of the dog, falling of the ball, and other associated activities. To do this, you have to develop strong reasoning skills. Similarly, while solving complicated mathematical problems, you have to apply quantitative analysis and come up with a sound solution. Thus, the reasoning skills that you learn during programming can be directly applied to mathematical sums.


Students might find it challenging to develop the skills listed above without help, and hence, turning to a reliable platform such as Cuemath is the way to go. Cuemath is an online educational platform that provides both mathematics and coding classes. Cuemath online USA enables students to avail quality education from the comfort of their homes. The certified tutors use several interactive resources to deliver an impactful lecture that combines fun with learning. Always remember coding and math go hand in hand. Once you get the right guidance, nothing can stop you from mastering both these subjects.

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