How To Use Internet During A Power Outage

Are you also under the devastating spell of a power outage? But we all know how important it is to stay connected with the world especially during tough times like these. Getting news updates, contacting our loved ones, and checking up on any possible solutions for the problems we are facing is essential.

All of these practices only require one thing and that is the internet connection. In today’s time, if you have strong internet access, you can get out of almost any problem. Whether you are stuck in an extreme weather event or there is a malfunction in the transformer, either way you must know how to stay online so that your work doesn’t get affected.

We have managed to form a guide that will help you understand some tricks for keep using the internet during a power outage.

How to Stay Online In a Blackout?

The power outage is becoming a common event that occurs due to any malfunction or tough weather. And this troubling situation throws us into the pit of literal darkness. But despite all the problems we face internet should not be the one element we have to stay away from.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you in understanding the situation.

· Invest in an Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply that is commonly referred to as UPS, is a backup battery-supported device that renders power supply after charging while the power is on. It automatically turns on when the power is out and it is ideal for the times when power is only out for an hour or two.

If you are sure that the power outage will not last longer than two hours or so, you can easily depend on this. Plus, it will allow you to charge your laptop or will keep your Wi-Fi device up and running. But it is recommended that you keep saving your work while you are doing it because once the battery is drained, it will only charge back up when the power is back again.

·  Make Sure to Buy a Generator

In case you are not sure about the duration of the power outage you might move to the option of the generator. It will help you stay online and use electric power for an extended time. And one of the best parts about the generator is that if you have enough fuel, you can let it keep going for as long as you want.

Beware that you might not want to put much load on the system, so you can give it a break after few hours but other than that it will surely have your back. The output of the generator is capable enough to supply power to the big appliances of the households as well, such as the freezer, iron, or refrigera

Take Advantage of Your Wireless Phone Service

If you use a wireless phone service, that you probably do, so don’t waste the opportunity to utilize it as your backup internet resource. One of the great things about wireless phone service is that it doesn’t get affected by any power outage problem unless your ISP has to go through some outage problem. But they always have backup generators so that not an issue.

ISPs such as Spectrum offer some pretty exciting mobile data plans that are not only affordable but can help you in staying online no matter what. These services are starting at only $14 per GIG which is pretty reasonable. Spectrum is also quite famous for its blazing fast internet services and TV services with a long haul exciting Spectrum Channel List. So you can certainly depend on one of the leading providers in our country for your services.

You can also connect your laptop through a hotspot and enjoy the services, but bear in mind that you will not be using the Wi-Fi and it will be your smartphone data so if it is postpaid then you will have to pay some extra bucks for additional usage.

To Narrow It Down

As the power outage is becoming more common and due to inclement weather events, that are not getting better any sooner, we should take all the necessary precautions to always stay ready. The points and tricks that we have mentioned will always help you in keeping up with the situation and stay online whenever there is a blackout.

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