Midnight Mass

Director Mike Flanagan can’t stop churning out that creepy Netflix content. Before The Haunting of Bly Manor even hit the streamer in October 2020, the spooky filmmaker started shooting his latest new series in August. Taking place on a desolate island, it follows disturbing events that start to unfold among the community there when a mysterious young priest arrives.

Release Date

The release date of midnight mass on Netflix  Predicted is  August  2021.

Official Trailer


 Zach Gilford

Kate Siegel

Hamish Linklater

Annabeth Gish

Michael Trucco

Samantha Sloyan

Henry Thomas

Rahul Abburi

Crystal Balint

Matt Biedel

Alex Essoe

Rahul Kohli

Kristin Lehman

Robert Longstreet

Igby Rigney

Annarah Shephard

About Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass is an upcoming supernatural horror streaming television series created and directed by Mike Flanagan for Netflix. The cast features Zach Gilford, Kate Siegel and Hamish Linklater. The series is centered around an isolated island community that experiences supernatural events after the arrival of a mysterious priest.


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