Deep Sidhu after saffron flag is hoisted

Draws fire via social media for giving mutual tone to ranchers’ development

After the raising of a saffron banner at Red Fort, entertainer turned-lobbyist Deep Sidhu is figured out how to have drawn fire from dissenters for giving collective tone to the ranchers’ development.

In a couple of recordings that have surfaced via web-based media, furious ranchers can purportedly be seen pursuing endlessly Sidhu.

In one such video where Sidhu is seen doing a Facebook live on a work vehicle after the banner was lifted, a gathering of ranchers can purportedly be seen messing him up and saying “you have harmed the whole development”.

Following this, a few ranchers act the hero, and he is seen landing from the work vehicle and running towards a bicycle. The ranchers can purportedly be seen pursuing and reviling him for harming their motivation. Sidhu is seen riding the bicycle.

Another video purportedly shot from a vehicle shows a gathering of individuals pursuing Sidhu in a vehicle. The annoyance against Sidhu is noticeable via web-based media too. The previous evening, in live video on Facebook, Sidhu was seen attempting to disavow the scene, guaranteeing he drove individuals to Red Fort “as a person”.

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