Why Do Men Give Flowers to Women

The exchange of flowers between people or the language of speaking with blossoms has been a common practice for ages now- in fact, this has been going on for thousands of years now. The exchange of flowers, especially between loved ones, got dominant during the Middle Ages. It significantly expanded during the mid-1700s. During this time, the English and French, saw a wide variety of fresh flowers – while visiting the magnificent land of Turkey. What made it even more popular was the fact that each flower symbolizes different things and feelings, therefore, there’s one for every emotion and every relationship.

Coming to the great Victorian times, people did not really communicate their feelings openly to other people. For example, if a man fell in love with a woman, he wouldn’t go and openly ask her out, he would do it in a very elegant yet secret way. Thus, the practice of exchanging flowers became one of the easiest ways of communicating about their feelings. But few of the important things that had to be taken care of while giving flowers to someone in order to express their feelings were factors like which kind of flower was being given, which colour of the flower was being given, the size, shape, etc. as these would all help the recipient understand about the feelings much better because each kind had a different meaning. For example, red roses are known as the flower of romance, it symbolizes true passionate love and is therefore a very commonly exchanged flower between lovers.

While there was no particular book that could decode the meaning of each flower that was given or received, it’s almost like flowers always had a universal secret language of its own which was understood by people all over the world- irrespective of their nationality, age, gender, culture, etc. How beautiful, isn’t it?

Previously, specific flowers were available at only specific times during the year but of course, now with the improvement in technology, most flowers are available at all times during the year. Thus, no matter which flowers you want to give to your loved ones, you will find it at any time and any place. If some flowers are not available in the local shops, you can very easily find them online. Therefore, giving birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, wedding flowers, etc. has now become a very common practice and is also a very easy gift option, to be honest.

While you might find a lot of women buying flowers for their special ones these days, it’s mostly men who do it and when these two numbers are compared, the number of men doing it is much higher than the number of women doing it. Have you ever wondered why? Well, there’s no particular reason but this is such a practice that has been going on since ages now,

Why do men give flowers to women?

The practice of men buying flowers for their special lady has existed since like forever now and we can’t help but agree that it is a really sweet and romantic gesture. Men give flowers to their special one in order to convey their romantic feelings for them- in order to tell them how much they love their woman. Be it on a romantic day like Valentine’s Day, Rose Day or their Anniversary, or other special days like birthdays, etc., or even on a date night or a random day- women love receiving flowers from their man. It is considered to be really romantic and gentlemen like behavior.

To show decent impression

When a man wants to impress a woman he likes, one of the first things he would do is buy fresh flowers for her and give her these romantic blossoms. If he is staying far away from her, he can send her these flowers online (imagine opening the door and receiving a surprise bunch of flowers from someone special!), and if he has the opportunity to take her out on a date then he would either go to pick her up with  a bunch of fresh romantic flowers or would meet her at a romantic spot and hand over these flowers to her. Either way, it’s super romantic.

To bring a smile on her face

Women love to receive flowers, especially from the man she loves. It’s always a beautiful feeling to receive fresh gorgeous flowers on any day. When you send your special lady some flowers on a random day, she will feel loved and cared for, and that will bring a smile on her face knowing that you were thinking about her and you put in the effort to let her know. On the other hand, if your woman is upset or having a bad day, send her some flowers as this will bring a smile on her face realizing that you really do care about her and love her, it will be like Sun’s bright rays on a gloomy day- much needed, isn’t it?

Send flowers to Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, or wherever your special one might be residing- and do it irrespective of your gender because don’t you think your man too would love to receive flowers from you that would make him feel special? Love your special one and make sure you express it as often as possible!

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