Microsoft’s Xbox service help went down for over five hours today, keeping clients from marking in to the assistance. The Xbox service issues began at around 3:15PM ET today, and Microsoft confirmed it was researching the blackout. The Xbox Live status page was refreshed at 9.49PM ET to say that all administrations are presently going.

If you weren’t already signed in to your Xbox, the sign-in process would fail with an error, preventing access to certain services like Party Chat. Some apps may also fail to launch without the core Xbox Live services being online, and a number of games will also not launch correctly.

Microsoft denoted the Xbox Live issues as a “significant blackout” over at the organization’s Xbox status page. The blackout additionally implied administrations like xCloud cloud gaming were disconnected, close by admittance to multiplayer games.

At that status page, Microsoft conceded that the fix is “taking longer than foreseen.”

This is the principal enormous Xbox Live blackout since issues happened during the Xbox Series X and Series S dispatch in November a year ago. Xbox Live additionally went down a couple of times all through 2020, especially toward the start of the pandemic when the help confronted gives twice in seven days as millions began social separating.

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