10 Reasons Being an Elder is Awesome

Growing old indeed comes with its problems, but there are also many perks to enjoy. While many people worry about wrinkled skin, low energy, and illnesses, your senior years can be the best years of your life. Here are ten reasons why.

  1. More Time for Hobbies

During your adult years, it’s easy to avoid pursuing interests you love due to the lack of time you have. With a full-time career, a family, and a social life, it can be difficult to fit in oil painting or non-fiction writing. As an elder, though, you have much more time on your hands, allowing you to pursue the hobbies you love.

With your free weekdays, you can join a club, learn a new skill online, or spend some time doing a hobby you’ve always loved but never had time to pursue properly. You don’t need to worry about mastering a skill, either, as the outcome is all about your enjoyment. It’s wonderfully refreshing! If you do happen to grow talent, that’s a great bonus.

  1. The Array of Healthcare Options

One of the less exciting parts about being older is the growing health concerns, but thankfully, there are a lot of options out there when it comes to healthcare. While it is true that you are at an increased risk for many diseases, you and your doctor are also more likely to keep an eye on your health.

Struggling with your health as a senior doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great quality of life. With excellent care options like Belmont assisted living in Belmont Village, you gain access to the care you need while having the freedom to enjoy your later years.

  1. Kids Without the Hassle

If you are lucky enough to become a grandparent as an elder, then you get the enjoyment of a child’s presence without the responsibility of raising them. Kids are great, but they are also hard work, and while most parents are happy to give up their free time for their children, as a senior, you don’t have to!

Being a grandparent is one of the best roles to be. You can spoil them, have them for a weekend, and be a role model in their lives without having to wake up at six in the morning each day or do the school run five days a week.

  1. Less Care About What Others Think

When people worry about how they’ll look in ten, twenty, or thirty years, they fail to remember how little they’ll care when the time comes. While most people spend their twenties worrying about what other people think during their senior years, they no longer consider what other people think of them. It’s incredibly refreshing and allows you to live the life you want to lead without the influence of other people.

  1. Fewer Expectations

As a child, you are expected to listen to adults and attend school. As an adult, people expect you to progress in your career and keep up a social life. Once those days are behind you, though, you are left with much fewer expectations. It’s deserving, too – after so many years of contributing to society, you’re worthy of some time off!

  1. The Incredible Stories You Have to Tell

Having lived fifty, sixty, seventy-plus years, you’ll have a wide range of stories to tell your loved ones. So much happens in a single year, and with so many of them under your belt, you are sure to have stories that’ll make people laugh, cry, and everything in between.

The stories aren’t just fun to tell, either – many of them hold life lessons you can pass down to your children and grandchildren. You don’t need to regret any life mistakes, as they can be used to educate your loved ones.

  1. The Relationships You Have Are Strong

During your adult life, you likely have relationships that aren’t fulfilling. It’s no one’s fault; really, especially when you have to work with people you don’t bond with. As an elder, though, the relationships you have are both personal and strong. You don’t need to waste time on small talk with a co-worker or a mum on the school run – you can enjoy relationships that are genuine and meaningful.

  1. The Memories to Look Back On

Sometimes a senior might get sad about no longer being twenty-five-years-old backpacking through Asia or planning for a family. Instead of yearning for those years, though, you can enjoy all the memories you created. Plus, there’s still time to make plenty more! Not only do you have a full life to look back on, but you also have the time to do whatever you want to do.

  1. The Chance to Travel

Traveling is on most people’s bucket list, but throughout most of your life, it can be difficult to find the time to leave everything behind and jet off. As a senior, you now have all the time in the world to explore the earth. Plus, you’ll more than likely have some savings kept to the side, allowing you to enjoy exploring without having to stay in hostels or travel by coach everywhere you go.

If you decide to travel as a senior, make sure you get your health checked beforehand and plan as much as you can. By doing this, you’ll stay safe on your adventures.

  1. You Are Wiser than Ever

You might not be studying for tests or using your brain to improve your career, but nevertheless, you are wiser than ever as a senior. You have collected a wide range of knowledge over the years, making you great at quizzes and able to give worthwhile advice to those younger than you.

Indeed, your brain won’t be as speedy as it once was, but your wisdom makes up for that. Appreciate your mind and your body for getting you through the years, and enjoy knowing that you are the wisest version of yourself.

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