Kunal And Sakshi’s Twisted Marriage In His Storyy

Zindagi mein kuch rishtey hum khud chunte hai. Aur kuch rishtey aise hote hai jo bhagwan humare liye chunta hai. Ek aisa hi rishta humare samne liye aa rahe hai Kunal aur Sakshi. Brace yourself as ALTBalaji is ready to present to you their hottest and the newest on-screen duo, Kunal-Sakshi from His Storyy web series. The perfect couple who has the best of everything, right from their kids to their business. Sara kuch hi ekdum kamal hai, bhaisahab! 

ALTBalaji’s His Storyy revolves around the married life of the duo. Kunal (played by Satyadeep Mishra) and Sakshi (played by Priya Mani Raj) are two headstrong individuals with contrasting personalities. While Kunal happens to be a deeply closeted man, Sakshi carries her heart on her sleeves. Despite their opposite behaviour, they have one thing in common. They are madly-in-love with each other (*haaye*).

Quite recently, one of the actors, Nitin Bhatia shared some of the stills from his ALT Balaji web series . And hey guess what? Ever since we can’t stop looking at the gorgeous duo. Inki chemistry ke baremein ab hum kya hi kahe? Aao, khud hi dekhlo!

So, what do you think? Don’t they look adorable? Told you! 😀

Par vo kehete hai na, bond bhale hi strong kyun na ho, har ishq ka ek waqt hota hai. Aur ye waqt Kunal aur Sakshi ka nahi tha. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. Their 15-year long paradise comes crashing down after a startling revelation. Everything comes to a standstill when promises are broken and trust is betrayed.

When Kunal’s affair comes to light, a series of dramatic events follow. Not only does the couple struggle with their marriage, but also deals with the demons of their teenage kids. Well, in case, you were wondering, their children battle with issues, such as revenge porn, sexuality, and growing pain (*uff*).

The trouble in their paradise leaves Sakshi devastated. The truth changes the dynamics of her life, business, and children. Right from her friends to society, everyone starts looking at her differently. Well, what can we say? Nobody said heartbreaks are easy, right? But, the good news is ghaav jab ek baar bhar jata hai na, then there’s no stopping anybody from doing better!

Like every strong woman, Sakshi buckles up. She picks her broken pieces and gets her act together (you go, girl). Amazing, right? Toh ab Kunal ka kya? Arey arey, sabar karo thoda. Sab hum hi bata denge toh show kaun dekhega? Kya aap bhi. Don’t worry. The wait is almost over. You know why? Well, the show is here and arriving faster.

Starring Satyadeep Mishra, Nitin Bhatia, Priya Mani Raj, Mrinal Dutt, and many more well-known actors of the industry, His Storyy web series is ready to make its way on the 25th of April. So, get ready to watch His Storyy online exclusively on ALTBalaji with an affordable subscription package at just 80 paisa per day. Hurry!


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